This is a mandatory “Hello, World!” post. But unlike all other hello-worlds, I decided to add a bit about the blog and its ‘history’.

On my birthday in 2010, I decided to gift myself an unusual gift — a domain name. At a time when the internet was abuzz with news of IPV4 addresses coming to an end, it was mere luck that I could get a domain name that matched my name (I have a few namesakes ’round the world; so getting it available was indeed a miracle of sorts).

Then, this blog came up. I used to make my own themes. And one of those themes went open-source as well. Back then, WordPress was a nice playground for me. It taught me some great programming techniques and nice design principles. And I wrote on and on — about life, technology among other things.

But as time went on, I got little to no time building a theme from scratch. Other things  took priority. So, I left creating themes and relied entirely on beautiful designs created by theme-developers. But that didn’t stop me from adding little nuts and bolts here and there in order to suit my needs.

Back in 2010, my hosting provider of choice was HostMonster. They gave me great offers. But from the second year onwards, they got greedy! They charged me double the amount which I signed up for initially. I gave in — paid them for two straight years.

In 2015, it got too much — I decided it was high time I switched to a different provider. I was looking for a host that charged me as I used their resources. No fixed charges; just pay-as-you-use model. Digital Ocean had been a big name in VPS. They don’t charge exorbitant amounts like Amazon AWS. Nor do they restrict you by clipping your wings to fly. You can add resources when you see you have grown up bigtime. Just like Amazon AWS — minus the costlier bells and whistles.

But while switching over to Digital Ocean, I took too long to make a decision and HostMonster simply disabled my account. As a result, I lost some 50-odd posts that were part of the blog. My mindlessness cost me some of the written thoughts I once cherished.

So, I am starting anew!

I hope you’d find it enriching and enjoyable reading the posts I am about to write. 🙂

A very complicated simple person. Jack of all trades, master of a few. Loves to read books and well-written code. Fluently speaks several languages including JavaScript, PHP, Java, English, Bengali etc. Listens to loads of music everyday. PhD in mood-swing. Chess Grandmaster of disaster.