It’s been eons since India has been infested by political violence. Right from the time of the Mahabharata, India has been a victim of political violence that had shattered the country, killing countless lives. I am not talking about international violence around and involving India — in those fights the point of patriotism is there. I am talking about fights born of petty political gains of the few.

It sounds pointless to me when people from different sects of the society go on a mass-killing spree because of difference in political ideology. I am from A political party and you are from B. Since our beliefs do not intersect anywhere, you and I are supposed to fight until the point when one of us cannot fight anymore! And these fights take place mostly during elections, when the power-hungry politicians unleash their goons.

I am sure not everyone involved in those fights are thugs hired by political parties. Many of these people are die-hard party workers who have faith in their political ideology. If you’re so keen on killing others and give up your life, why don’t you do that for your country or for a much greater cause? A political ideology is nowhere near patriotism.

Due to this violent nature of politics in India, most youngsters who want change and believe in ideologies never bother to join politics. As a result people who join politics in India are either power-hungry individuals or thugs looking to earn money by terrorizing the mass. A dangerous vicious cycle starts to roll.

It’s a mere pity that with more and more fights taking place every day in all parts of the country, a change in near future is nowhere in sight.

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