This post is more of a rant. So if you’re not in a mood to read someone’s complaints about an online-shop, please read other posts here, if you like.

I purchased a Motorola MotoG 2014 from Flipkart, India’s biggest online shopping site. I made the order on March 12, 2015 and thanks to FK’s great delivery team, it reached me on 16th.

As regards the product, it felt great. It’s a steal deal for 13k bucks. Hardware and software-wise initially, it felt great but that’s a different post. It’s about Flipkart.

Flipkart gives a 30-day return policy for products sold by WS Retail which is FK’s own retail arm. I bought this phone from same retailer. So I am covered under the 30-day replacement policy,

On 30th day, at night I noticed that the screen is behaving weirdly. I can’t swipe past the lockscreen, and at times the touch screen doesn’t work at all. But locking the screen and waking it up using the power button fixes the problem. It seemed unusual and unwanted. A little investigation into the issue revealed that the bottom right corner of the screen registers a touch sometimes even though no physical touch has been made. (Please note that the phone had never been dropped or no water had ever spilled on it, and no visible physical damage was present on it.)

I quickly visited ‘My Orders’ page to file for a replacement but to my surprise, the ‘Return product’ link is gone! I promptly sent a mail to FK’s ‘support’ team regarding the issue.

Here comes the real story. After two days of awaiting a response, I finally received a mail from one of their customer care execs who pointed out that since 30 days have been passed, no replacement was possible. When I confronted them that the return link was gone, without giving any explanation he asked me to go to a service center. He even went on to send me a pdf file containing list of Motorola service centers in India, as if I was illiterate enough to make a simple Google search.

I was bitterly pissed. The problem continued and I finally decided to visit the service center where the phone is being repaired. In the meantime, I decide to write a review on the product page. Now, I was in a bit of a dilemma what to rate. The phone is great but customer service is pathetic and FK has cheap business policy, and I am rating a product, not the service.

Finally, I decided to rate a the product and service both at the same time. So I gave it a single star out of five and since FK is currently the sole-selling agent of Motorola phones in India, it seemed fair to rate so, given Motorola’s horrible decision. I wrote the following review there on FK’s MotoG2 page: (It’s a bit redundant if you have read the story up until here)

So I got this mobile in March. I was really impressed with the build quality and features. Too good at this range.
But on the 29th day from the date of delivery, I saw that the touches were not registered properly. Enabling the ‘show touches’ option, I noticed that touches were registered in three four places where I didn’t touch at all. I immediately tried to file a return but the ‘return product’ link is gone! I sent a mail to Flipkart and two days after that (31st day) I was told since 30 days are gone they won’t replace it and that I should go visit a service center. Way to go, FK!

Reading the other reviews, it seems to me that FK just sent me a refurbished product.

On the very next day, I received a call from one FK exec who asked me what had happened. After telling him the entire story, he told me since different sellers have different return policies, he couldn’t help it. I told him I bought it from WS Retail and that he couldn’t entirely escape responsibility here. To this he said, he couldn’t help me on that either.

After this telephonic conversation, I was pretty sure FK was going to delete my review. Such incidents happened several times in the past.

And it did again! Today I noticed that while the review showed up on my ‘Ratings and reviews’ page, it didn’t show up on product page. (I sorted by date and found my review missing from the date when I posted it there.)

Terrific! Such a pathetic service from some brand who claim to be India’s largest e-store. It’s really like getting third world service at first world prices.

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